Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Whys and Wherefores to Choose PHP for Web Application Development

Before diving in the benefits of using PHP in web application development, let’s first familiarize ourselves with the fundamentals of a web application and know how it can help your business. Let’s start with the base of the cake; we can come to the frosting and cherries thereafter:

How Web Applications Helps Businesses

What has been the traditional rule of thumb of a business to engage customers with its products and services? Creating software, obviously. However, the very process of installing the software on a device may take a lot of effort and time. There are production and delivery costs to consider as well. Contrariwise, customers with an Internet connection can use web applications in a plug and play manner. The control of the back end is entirely with the developers and therefore is easy to implement the modifications as they impact the customers simultaneously. From the user’s perspective, a web application doesn’t need to be installed in the system. Thus, it saves a lot of memory space.

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Selecting PHP to Develop Web Applications

The unmatched authority of PHP over web developers makes it an accepted choice for the development of web based applications. However, you should not make decisions based exclusively on facts and figures. You should be aware of the five most decisive reasons why choosing PHP for developing web applications is the best thing to swear by. 

1. Cost Efficient: PHP is open source and free. Thus, it decreases the overall development cost. In spite of the low cost, however, the customary and quality of an application doesn't weaken.

2. Augmented Efficiency: PHP is known to expedite the development process. Thanks to its enhanced pace, PHP has become highly efficient in creating reliable solutions in no time. The high levels of robustness and functionality of the web apps also coagulates its place at the top of the ladder.

3. HTML Integration: PHP supports the newest versions of the Hypertext Markup Language. This means that developers can play with a wide array of engaging and collaborative elements offered by HTML5, such as flash animations and PDF files. 

4. Enhanced Security: PHP has a concrete core and a safe architecture. Somewhat naturally, web based apps developed using PHP are highly secure and stable. Besides, as an extra measure, developers can also add software such as PHP Intrusion Detection System (PHPIDS) to preclude external third-party threats.

5. Cross OS compatibility: PHP is the most ideal scripting language in web application development because of its cross operating system (OS) compatibility. A web application developed in PHP is assured to run effortlessly across all operating systems such as UNIX, Windows and LINUX.

It is therefore a no brainer anymore that PHP is undoubtedly the most reliable solution when it comes to developing web based applications as well as giving your business a new dimension in sales and servicing.

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